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Help I am Buffering

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22-08-2023 14:29

Help I am Buffering!


FIRST: Have you checked the discord group?
If we have an isse our end, we will announce in the "IMPORTANT-UPDATES" section. 

What is discord?
Discord is the app we have our customer group on. We post important updates, information, competitions and much more.
If it essential you join. Check your emails from when you joined us, we would have sent you join instructions. Or contact us to ask for discord join instructions

How to use discord: Click here

a) are you using a VPN? if so turn it off and try it may be the VPN causing issues

b) have you tried both smarters app, the UK and Non UK? 
They use different connection methods, so one may work better than the other for you, regardless of your location. Try both!

  1. To uninstall go to firestick settings -> apps -> manage installed apps -> and click on the Nova app
    If you have multiple nova apps, now may be a good time to uninstall them all and reinstall so you get the best performance from them all.
  2. click Uninstall.
  3. To reinstall, open the downloader app.

  4. In the URL box in the downloader app, put in one of the codes below:
    Nova Smarters: 700879
    Nova Smarters UK: 616074
    Nova Plus: 222098

  5. Download, install and login.
    If you don't know your login, check your emails for when you first joined your logins will be there, if you don't have them, you can open a ticket asking for your login.

  6. We recommend you at least have both the Smarters and the Smarters UK app, then you have 2 apps to choose from incase one incounters issues.

    If you need further help re-installing, see instructions here:



If you have an issue with your system, and we have not announced issues our end, then it has to be resolved your end, there isn't anything we can do because the problem is being caused your end. Follow each step of this guide and it will resolve your issue.

**Please follow the above flow chart, this is the fix for the majority of buffering issues**



**My internet speed is 500mbps, Netflix works fine, Nova is buffering**
Netflix are a multi billion dollar company, with local servers all over the world. Nova works a lot different to that, although you have a great 500mbps internet speed, the routings to our servers are likely being throttled. A VPN is your best bet for this, this way you change the routing and stop your ISP from limiting your speed.

**At certain times I get buffering, e.g during peak times, or a big sport event**
For some sporting events, it could be that Nova is overloaded, but as we expect these events and balance our servers towards these channels, it doesn't happen too often, but sometimes it could occur.
Try an alternative channel, see the sport schedules for list of channels for sport events
Another issue is with some local internets, they get overloaded at peak time, and so they struggle to retrieve the data, a VPN could be the solution for you.

**Everything is buffering, nothing is working**
It may be time to upgrade your device, with every piece of tech, a time comes when it needs to be replaced
for an affordable device consider a firestick 4k max, it is a great device.
**Or try cleaning up your device see here: **https://rebrand.ly/deviceclean

__**WHAT IS A VPN?**__
VPN stands for "Virtual Private Network" and describes the opportunity to establish a protected network connection when using public networks. VPNs encrypt your internet traffic and disguise your online identity.

We can recommend https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/

In terms of TV streaming, it can modify your connection and routing to our servers, speeding up your response. Most customers who use a quality VPN rarely have any issues.


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