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How to clean your Firestick/android and speed it up.

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19-03-2023 01:05

Device Maintenance

A lot of issues are caused by clogged up devices.
If your device is running at it's best, so will your streams!

(Below is based on Firestick and Android ONLY)

Follow these steps to get the best from you device!

Clean your device:

1. Open the downloader app
2. in the URL box put in 73585
or direct link is: https://apk.defsquid.com/
3. Download and install Defsquid
If the app asks for permissions to access storage etc, click allow / yes.

4. Open it
5. Go to the applications tab top right
6. Uninstall any application you do not use or need.
(don't delete downloader)
Including any old Nova app as you will install a fresh one in the next stage.
Warning: Deleting any Nova app (Except Nova Plus) will result in losing your favourites.

7. Go to the Cleaner Tab at the top
6. Click start cleaning device at the bottom
7. Click Yes on the do you want to delete old APK Files
8. Wait for it to clean

Now the Def Squid app has deleted any unwanted apps & cleared unwanted files your device is clear and you are ready to install Nova apps again.

Reinstall Nova Apps

What apps should I use?

For Android and Firestick devices we have 2 main apps for you to use.
(See screenshots of each app below)

Nova Smarters & Nova Plus, both apps have the same content but have different layouts.

To install each app open the downloader app, put in 96401 and then download and install each app, then login (same login for all).
For further instructions see here: Firestick or Android

We also offer Novaflix, this is a seperate subscription, you can learn more about it by clicking here.

Nova Smarters:

Nova Plus:



**TIP**: When you are finished for the day don't just turn your TV off, this leaves the app running in the background, and if you are on a channel, it will continue streaming, wearing your device and using your internet!
Instead press back back back until you are on the device home screen and then turn your tv off, you will get better performance doing this.


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