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Everything to know about Catchup!

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19-03-2023 10:57


Catchup is a highly complex feature that requires a lot of different factors to all be working to work.
90% of queries to us are around catch-up, we have written this post so the information is available to everyone.

Catchup works by recording the live channels and splitting into individual recordings aligned with the EPG (TV Guide), if the channel is not working at time of recording, there is nothing to record so the catchup for that program will not work.  
If the EPG is not working / out of sync, the prgoram recorded won't be correct or correctly timed.
If the Live channel has an issue such as audio out of sync at the time of recording, the out of sync will be recorded and nothing can be done to resolve as it is already recorded.

When to report an issue:

When you have read the below and it has not answered your question.
If there is a problem with a recording, it is in the past and likely we cannot do anything, but if the problem persists e.g Catchup not recording for that one channel or audio is out of sync, we can fix for future recordings. 

A program on a FTA channel (e.g BBC, ITV..) is not working

Please try the alternative catchup backup channels. These are below the first set of FTA channels. 
Catch-up -> FTA -> Scroll to the bottom, you will see catchup backup channels
e.g Channel 4 | Catchup Backup

Catchup has sound but no video:

Please click here

Program timings are out, when I click one it has already begun / it cuts the end off:

Unfortunately nothing can be done about this, this would mean a Live channel was out of time at time of recording
you can go to the End / Start of the previous / next program to see the start / end.

When I click on a catchup program it says Playback error or similar:

This usually means there is no recording available, this may be due to channel down time, or we have wiped the catchup data for maintenance reasons. You will usually see this announced in the discord group, in important updates.


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