If there is an issue our end, we will notify you about it and provide the solution in our customer group.
It is important you join it so you are always aware.
If you are not in the group, check your emails from when you signed up for instructions, or get in touch.
We do not have the resources to contact every customer individually, so please join.

The Nova Streams Guide

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14-10-2023 22:28

The Nova Streams Guide

So you've joined Nova and want to know how to get the best from your service?
This guide tells you everything you need to know, please take your time to read it!

We get asked the same things over and over, if you read this you won't need to ask these same questions and that gives us more time work on bettering the system.

Customer Support Group

It is essential you join our customer group, as if we have an issue, or an update this is the only place we will tell you about it!
The group is located on a social media app called Discord.

Imagine there is a server side issue our end, we will post about it in the group so everyone is aware on what is going on, and when it will be fixed or a solution you need to action yourself.
If you didn't join, you will email us saying your system isn't working, and we do not have the time or resources to reply to every customer, so instead you will get a response saying please read the customer group, where you will find everything you need. So join now and save yourself the hassle!

We also post Sport Schedules, events, competitions and quick out of hours support! Honestly please join, make yours and our life easier!

You will have join instructions in your purchase confirmation email, contact here if you need instructions.

If you are still struggling with the above, see step-by-step guide here:
& see a guide on how to use the group app here:

How Do I Maintain My Device To Get The Best Performance?

The first thing you should do is exit the app and the end of each day, this is not by pressing the Home button, but instead press back back back until it exits. 
This closes the app down so it is not continously running, saving your internet and your device.

The worst thing you can do is just turn the TV off while you have a channel playing. This can leave the channel playing for hours in the background. You wouldn't leave your car running in the drive way!

The 2nd thing to do is often turn your device of at the wall and back on again, this gives it a full reset, especially do this if you are experiencing any issues as this solves 99% of issues.

Every few months, or when you are continously experiencing issues, it is a good idea to clean your device. (not physically!).
You can read a guide on how to uninstall, clean unused files and reinstall, giving yourself the best performance.
Click here to learn how to clean your device


What apps should I use?

For Android and Firestick devices we have 2 main apps for you to use.
Nova Smarters & Nova Plus, both apps have the same content but have different layouts.
On your trial you likely installed Nova Smarters, there are 2 versions of Nova Smarters, Smarters UK & Smarters Non UK.

The UK and Non-UK app use different connection methods, we recommend you install both versions so you have 2 options to use incase of an issue with one.
Also why not try our new app Nova Plus!

To install each app open the downloader app, put in 96401 and then download and install each app, then login (same login for all).
For further instructions see here: Firestick or Android

What other devices can I use?

You can use your account on an unlimited number of devices, but you can only watch on 1 device at a time unless you have purchased multiroom (up-to 3 connections)
Sharing accounts with different households is not allowed and can cause issues with your account.
Nova Streams can be accessed through a range of devices and apps including (Click to see setup guides):
Firestick (Recommended)
Android (Recommended)
Apple iOS - iPhone - iPad
MAG (Newer ones recommended)
PC & Mac

How to find help & support?

We are always happy to help, but please reduce our workload by checking the FAQ section first answers to most of the common questions can be found in our FAQ base.
Use the search bar to find answers to your questions.


Not found an answer? (or it's a personal account matter?)
- Open a ticket in our discord customer group to get the fastest support.
- Contact us here (slower option).
Ensure you have tried the FAQ section as if you ask a question that is already answered you will just be referred to the FAQ section

Common FAQs you will be asking!

How can to request Movie / Series content

The Movies and series section features the latest releases, the classics, and the other content is rotated as requests come in. |
Not every request can be added as it depends on content availability and compatiblity, and also storage space.
e.g if you request an unpopular series from 1980 that has 100s of episodes that no one will watch, this is not good use of storage so it will be rejected.
You can request VOD for Nova Streams service here:

If you require even more content, Novaflix may interest you

How do I invite a friend?

Sorry we are not currently taking new customers.

Any other questions?

First search on our FAQ website, if you can't find an answer or it's a personal account matter:
- Open a ticket in our discord customer group to get the fastest support.

- Contact us here (slower option).
Ensure you have tried the FAQ section as if you ask a question that is already answered you will just be referred to the FAQ section

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