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Smarters - Error: Invalid or expired login

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22-08-2023 13:12

Smarters - Error: Invalid or expired login

First check IMPORTANT-UPDATES in the discord group, if there is a server issue, we would have posted there, if not:

This is caused by a bug in an older version of the app, your account is likely ok.
The apps have now been updated to hopefully stop this issue

(unless it has actually expired, in which case, check your emails for renewal information, it may be in spam, or contact us)

How to fix?

You need to uninstall your current app, and reinstall the latest version(s).

The below instructions are based on firestick, if using android it may be slightly different, see here on how to reinstall on android.

  1. To uninstall go to firestick settings -> apps -> manage installed apps -> and click on the Nova app
    If you have multiple nova apps, now may be a good time to uninstall them all and reinstall so you get the best performance from them all.
  2. click Uninstall.
  3. To reinstall, open the downloader app.

  4. In the URL box in the downloader app, put in one of the codes below:
    Nova Smarters: 700879
    Nova Smarters UK: 616074
    Nova Plus: 222098

  5. Download, install and login.
    If you don't know your login, check your emails for when you first joined your logins will be there, if you don't have them, you can open a ticket asking for your login.

  6. We recommend you at least have both the Smarters and the Smarters UK app, then you have 2 apps to choose from incase one incounters issues.

    If you need further help re-installing, see instructions here:
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